Being a Pedestrian Village, most of the tours in La Cumbrecita involve a walk. Near the historic center and without a greater degree of difficulty, the Paseo del Bosque, La Capilla, La Olla, or Lake de las Truchas are routes of low complexity within the town. A little more extensive are the walks to emblematic sites of La Cumbrecita, such as El Cementerio, or La Cascada Grande, which involves a 15-minute walk along a path in the mountains.

Due to its route and degree of complexity, the Trekking to other more remote destinations must be done with the company of authorized providers. The excursions to the Vallecito del Abedul and the Escondida Waterfall, lasting about four hours, the journey to Cerro Cristal and Casas Viejas, the ascent to the top of Cerro Wank or the extended trekkings to the heart of the Sierras Grandes will provide us with unique experiences. of contact with nature and with our own limits.