lways under the instructions of the authorized alternative tourism providers, the excursions that can be made starting from La Cumbrecita are very varied and are divided according to distance from the points to be joined and degree of difficulty; however, they all have in common that they depart in looking for remote places, following footprints and trails in the immensity of the mountains. On horseback or walking, the different types of excursions are divided into:

  • Intermediate Trails: hidden waterfall, Emerald Lake, Cerro Wank, Casas Viejas, Subterraneo River, Abanico Waterfall, Arroyo de las Mojarritas, A. La Puente, Devil’s Throat, the cave, the peach tree, the cajones, the birch valley, well of the goats, Merlo’s return.
  • Long Trails: Cerro Corona, Cero Águila, La Domanda, Cerro Mogote poncho, Cerro Blanco.
  • Very Long Trails: Quebrada del Yatan, Alto del Chicharron, La Lagunita, Puesto de Garay.