• Check-in: 15:00hs
  • Check-out: 10:00hs
  • Late Check-Out: Consult
  • Pool: 10:00hs to 20:00hs



El check out deben realizarlo estrictamente hasta las 10:00 hs. Como última hora.

Debido a la situación de Covid se ruega respetar dicho horario ya que por ‘Protocolo Covid de Hotelería’ debemos tener entre huésped que se retira y huésped que llega las habitaciones desocupadas, desinfectadas y ventiladas por lo menos durante 5 hs. En caso de no cumplir con el horario estipulado se cobrará el equivalente a media noche de alojamiento debido a que tendremos que demorar el ingreso del próximo huésped a alojarse y compensarlo con un descuento de dinero por dicha demora.

Al retirarse, deberán pasar por la oficina de Administración a entregar las llaves y abonar los consumos de frigobar.


Breakfast:  We take it to your room in three shifts of your choice: 8:30 hs – 9:00 hs – 9:30 hs. 

  • Maid service from 10:00 a 13:00 Hs.
  • White Clothes: ‘The towels are exclusively for drying, do not use them to clean anything else as they are ruined.’ The change of towels is done when you consider it necessary, leave the towels in the basket when you want them to be changed. The change of sheets and robes is done every 3 nights. It is forbidden to take the white towels out of the suite, they are to be used only inside the rooms. The orange towels are exclusively for use in the pool, it is forbidden to take them outside the premises or use them to take to the river.
  • The use of the suites and the premises is exclusively for guests.
  • The guest is responsible for the corresponding payment for breakages, losses or uselessness of any element that makes up the suite’s equipment from the moment he enters until his departure. The amounts to be paid will be provided by the administration.
  • SMOKING is strictly prohibited inside the suite. If you wish, you can do it outdoors, remembering not to throw cigarette butts on the ground. Let’s avoid fires that cause irreparable damage.
  • It is forbidden to extract or cut flowers or plants from the park. Please help with the cleaning of the property.


The complex has 4 ANTENNAS that transmit Wi-Fi signal.
Depending on the area or the Suite you are in, you must select the ANTENNA that transmits the best signal level.


  • AiresSerranos: use in the swimming pool and park sector in general
  • AiresSerranos1: Suite 8-9
  • AiresSerranos2: Suites 5-6-7
  • AiresSerranos3: Suite 1-2-3-4

IMPORTANT: On stormy days, the Cooperative that provides the Internet service cuts the service to preserve the antennas from electrical discharges produced by lightning. We ask to be patient until the storm passes and the Cooperative restores service.


*Especially in the summer season, La Cumbrecita is an area of frequent electrical storms and because the ground is very stony, there is no good discharge of electricity to the ground, which is why it usually happens that the lightning discharge advances through the electrical wiring. This does not represent a risk for you but it does tend to burn electrical appliances that are plugged in. For this reason, it is requested, in the event of a storm with electrical activity, to unplug ALL electrical appliances (their own and those included in the suite), especially the current sockets located behind the TV that power the DIRECTV decoder and the TV. , until the electrical activity of the storm ceases.

*t also happens that these lightning discharges trip the circuit breaker and the light in the suite is cut, in this case check the panel located inside the suite and lift all the keys that are down to restore the electrical power supply.


  1. CODE: With the door open, press the button located on the inner frame of the door on the hinge side, a yellow light will come on. With this light on and the door unlocked, enter a code that you can memorize (4 digits) and then press * # A or B (depending on the box model) to finish.
  2. OPEN: Enter the code that you loaded the most * # A or B (depending on the box model) as you have coded it. Then turn the knob and open.
  3. CHECK OUT: Leave the safe with the knob open before check-out.


  • Functions: It has 4 functions that you can select by pressing the ‘MODE’ button. You can see the activated function on the remote control display. The ‘Star’ indicates the ‘COLD’ function, the ‘Drop’ the ‘DEHUMIDING’ function, the ‘Sun’ indicates the ‘HEAT’ function, and the ‘Propeller’ the ‘VENTILATION’ function.
  • Temperature: In the ‘COLD’ function, set the temperature indicated on the remote control to 22 ° and in the ‘HEAT’ function to 24 °. Lowering or raising these temperatures will only force the equipment without being able to improve the air conditioning of the environment.




Bear in mind that having a pressurizing pump the water load is high flow, so if you have the hot water tap completely open it is possible that the water does not come out hot enough since the water heater does not have time. to warm. You must initially open the hot water tap completely to turn on the water heater, then lower the filling flow by closing the hot water tap almost halfway down and wait 30 seconds to test the water temperature (this is the time it takes to get from the water heater to the bathtub), in case it still does not come out hot enough, close the tap a little more and test again (always waiting 30 seconds) until the desired temperature is reached. Once the desired temperature is reached, leave the tap in that position, close the drain plug and fill the bathtub.
It is recommended not to use the hydromassage bathtub with water that is too hot as it may cause them to be unbalanced; It is recommended to avoid these mishaps is to use it with warm water and for no more than 15 or 20 minutes.

  1. Fill the bathtub with water:
    – Open the hot water tap fully.

    – If it does not come out hot enough after 30 seconds, reduce the water flow by closing the tap almost halfway down and wait another 30 seconds to test the temperature.

    – Once the desired temperature is reached, close the drain cover, it is closed and opened by clicking on its upper part.

    – Do not turn on the “JETS” while the bathtub is filling, once the filling taps are closed, you can turn on the “JETS”.

  2. Turn on circulation:
    – Turn on the circulation pump by pressing the ‘JETS’ button.
  3. Light function (‘LIGHT’ button):
    – To activate the internal lights of the bathtub (not all models have this function) you must press and hold the ‘LIGHT’ button for 5 seconds until they turn on. Once they are turned on, you can change the color and intensity of the lights by pressing the button one touch. To turn off the lights you must press and hold the button for 5 seconds until they turn off.
  4. Stop circulation:
    – Stop circulation by pressing the ‘JETS’ button
  5. Drain the bathrub:
    – Open the drain cover located on the floor of the bathtub by clicking on the upper part of it.


TV – DIRECTV (For Comfort Suites)

– To operate the TV and the DIRECTV decoder, the knob on the top of said remote control must be located in the position indicated with the DIRECTV logo (only if the control comes with said knob). From this control you can operate CHANNELS, VOLUME, power ON and OFF. Directv’s channel lineup starts from # 120 onwards, High Definition channels from 1120 onwards. By pressing the ‘GUIDE’ button you will be able to see the complete programming grid.


TV – DIRECTV – NETFLIX (For Luxury Suites)

– You have 2 remote controls, the white one is the DIRECTV remote control and the black one is for exclusively operating the TV.

DIRECT control:
– From this control you can operate On (ON), Off (OFF), Channels (CHAN PAGE). Directv’s channel lineup starts from # 120 onwards, High Definition channels from 1120 onwards. By pressing the ‘GUIDE’ button you will be able to see the complete programming grid.

– Desde este control se opera el Volumen del TV y se selecciona la aplicación NETFLIX..

– Select the NETFLIX button in TV control, there you will enter the application. You must enter your Username and Password in order to access your Netflix account. Bear in mind that the internet speed does not depend exclusively on us and at times it may become weak to watch movies in this application, so we cannot guarantee its correct operation.