lways under the instructions of the authorized alternative tourism providers, the excursions that can be made starting from La Cumbrecita are very varied and are divided according to distance from the points to be joined and degree of difficulty; however, they all have in common that they depart in looking for remote places, following footprints […]


An imposing ravine basted by steel cables that join its sides. The zip line is a type of adventure tourism that involves hanging gliding through a cable suspended in the air. By means of rollers, harnesses and other safety elements, large areas are traversed suspended in the air several meters from the ground. This activity […]


It is a type of adventure tourism that involves moving through the trees. It is carried out by means of suspension bridges and logs suspended between the canopy of the trees, several meters from the ground. It has a medium degree of complexity. The authorized providers guide the passage through the different sections, and the […]

Horseback riding

Whether at a leisurely pace through the streets of our town, or riding in the immensity of the mountains, this is one of the ideal ways to get to know La Cumbrecita. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the excursions and the expertise of the riders, the tours can be carried out under the […]


Being a Pedestrian Village, most of the tours in La Cumbrecita involve a walk. Near the historic center and without a greater degree of difficulty, the Paseo del Bosque, La Capilla, La Olla, or Lake de las Truchas are routes of low complexity within the town. A little more extensive are the walks to emblematic […]


The temperature of the water and the purity of the rivers and streams that surround us, make La Cumbrecita a favorable place for the development of the Rainbow Trout. Very close to the town, La Olla, the Lake of the Trouts and the corners of the Río del Medio are ideal settings for fishing this […]

Cerro Wank

The route that leads us to the top of Cerro Wank, begins on a small wooden walkway that crosses the Almbach stream, in front of the traditional Liesbeth confectionery. From there the path begins to climb through the heart of a lush forest. As you gain height, the vegetation becomes increasingly sparse and the different […]

Pionners Square

This irregular square, populated with trees and fenced with wood, was built in homage to the first settlers of La Cumbrecita. Crossing it, you can join the high path of the forest with the low path, without having to lengthen the journey through the streets. Meters before the Plaza de los Pioneros, located at the […]

The Castle

In one of the high areas of our town is this original construction devised by Erwing Müller, at the beginning of the 40s. It was made with his hands together with the local Don Rito Merlo and is characterized by the symbols and shields engraved on the wood of its furniture and in the stone […]

The fountain

Located on one side of the path that leads to the forest, in one of the elevated areas of the town. The Fountain was designed by Eng. Helmut Cabjolsky and built in lapacho wood in 1942, as a gift for the birthday of his father, the founder of La Cumbrecita. It has a bowl that […]